Episode 43: Shedding Light on Dark Travel with Harry Mitsidis

June 01, 20241 min read

As travelers, we often seek unique and exciting experiences with each journey. But have you ever considered trying dark travel? Join Julie as she talks with Harry Mitsidis about the realities of this intriguing form of travel. While it might not sound fun, dark travel offers a deeper, more meaningful experience. You'll discover that there is light to be found even amid darkness. Embracing dark travel can provide an unforgettable adventure you will forever be grateful to have experienced! Stay tuned!

Here's what to expect on the podcast:

     What is dark travel, and how does it contribute to personal growth or a change in perspective?

     Ethical considerations to keep in mind when participating in dark travel.

     What motivates Harry to engage in dark travel?

     Some examples of dark tourism sites around the world.

     And much more!

Meet Guest Harry Mitsidis:

Harry Mitsidis is the visionary behind Nomadmania, a non-profit organization revolutionizing travel. Established in 2012 and re-branded in June 2017, Nomadmania serves as a virtual haven for avid travelers seeking immersive and meaningful adventures. Its mission is twofold: to enlighten individuals about the world's wonders and, more importantly, to facilitate travel for those with limited resources.

Nomadmania aims to unite independent explorers, urging them to transcend conventional boundaries through sustainable and profound journeys, celebrating the world's richness, and empowering travelers to make a difference wherever they go.

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